Photography by

Tom J. Reardon


Self PortraitTaken in Smithville, Texas. Texture added for interest.

I make my living as a graphic and web designer in Austin, Texas, but have become more serious about photography in recent years. I've learned through books, Creative Live courses, podcasts, the Austin School of Photography and two Santa Fe Workshops.

Almost all the images here were taken with my trusty Nikon D80 (2006), though recently I've rented a D750, Canon M3 and Leica Q from Borrow Lenses as I ponder upgrading to full frame. I own two lenses but typically rent better lenses for specific trips and occasions. As a designer, I've tended to favor more graphic, simple compositions — but after a workshop with Sam Abell I'm going wider, trying to create order within the frame and thinking in layers. My current favorite lens for this is the 20mm 2.8 on my crop-sensor D80.

I live on a small horse ranch outside of Austin, where my wife runs LOPE. Most of the equine images featured on this site are ex-racehorses who have come through the LOPE program.

You can reach me at treardon [at] Thanks for stopping by.